VIP Protection

We have a long-standing international record when it comes to rendering Protection Security Services. Here is a list of VIP we have protected throughout the world:



  • President FW de Klerk
  • President Nelson Mandela
  • President Thabo Mbeki
  • Foreign Affairs Minister – Pik Botha
  • Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom – William Hague, working alongside the Diplomatic Protection Group
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury of the United Kingdom – George Osborne, working alongside the Diplomatic Protection Group
  • Leader of the Labour Party, opposition to the Conservative Party – United Kingdom – Ed Miliband



  • Protection of Royal family members (Prince Charles and Camila Parker Bowles, Prince William and Prince Harry), working alongside members of the Royal Protection Services Unit
  • Prince and Princess Michael of Kent



  • Richard Branson
  • CEO Colt Logistics – G Richardson
  • Operations Manager Colt Energy – S Shieling
  • Vice President Exxon Mobil Sub-Sahara – TJ Stevens
  • Vice President Peabody Coal – A Copdebosque
  • CEO Rainbow Farms – G Del Corral
  • Operations Manager RJ Reynolds Tobacco – N Pridget
  • President EDF – JB Levy



  • Meryl Streep (actress)
  • Tom Hanks (actor)
  • Sandra Bullock (actress)
  • Kate Winslet (actress)
  • Daniel Radcliffe (actor)
  • Daniel Bruhl (actor)
  • Paul Greengrass (film director)
  • Ron Howard (film director)
  • Mark Strong (actor)
  • Helen Mirren (actress)
  • Olivia Wild (actress).
  • Alexandra Maria Lara (actress)
  • Paul McCartney (celebrity pop artist)
  • Peter Morgan (producer)
  • Jamie Olivier (celebrity chef)
  • Jonathan Ross (celebrity British television)
  • Steve Hofmeyer (pop artist, actor)
  • David Vlok (actor)


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