Skyhawk Aviation provides the highest standard of pilot training available. Whether your goal is to become a career Commercial Pilot or to obtain a Private Pilot’s License for recreational flying, at Skyhawk we pride ourselves in our experienced flight instructors, our comprehensive fleet of well-equipped aircraft and a vibrant and educational training environment.

Skyhawk Aviation was established by Mike Gough (a current SAA Airbus Training Captain) as a result of the need to fill the niche gap that exists in flight schools: the combination of a high quality approach, with emphasis on meaningful and value adding interaction with experienced instructors, in a professional but enjoyable environment. Mike has been associated with, as well as the founder of, several successful training organizations and invites the client (and future aviator) to benefit from this experience.

As a Designated Flight Examiner (DFE 1) as well as an Airbus Captain who started his professional career at Lanseria in 1990, he is able to not only regularly assess student’s progress, but also conduct final flight tests that are rooted in actual scenarios that provide realism to the training process.

In addition to the formal training syllabus, Skyhawk conducts regular fly-aways with students which include practical flying exercises and real life scenarios. Safety evenings are presented by well-known and respected industry figures on current topics. These events not only provide a valuable platform to gain knowledge about aviation safety, but serve as great way to socialize and be a part of the vibrant Skyhawk culture. Skyhawk works closely with successful local and respectable charter companies and airlines within the industry. Every endeavour is made to increase the career Commercial Pilots chance of employment through networking and industry exposure.


Our Address:

Hangar 10, Gate 6, Lanseria International Airport


-25.937775120293, 27.926410635582


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