Welcome to our restaurant, the best place for any food or wine lover to relax and unwind while enjoying a great meal. We introduce
new cultures to visitors through cuisines of various countries, offering special dishes for everyone regardless of their food preferences.

Started out in 2010. We have a skillful chef who everyone knows as “Tookta” who is also the owner of the restaurant. Born in a city a few hours outside of Bangkok called Ubon Ratchathani. Her cooking style is very traditional and almost home-made which gives her dishes a unique flavour while still sticking to what people know. The vibe of the restaurant is also traditional yet very relaxed which coincides with what Salathai means, an open pavilion, used as a meeting place and to protect people from sun and rain. Most are open on all four sides. They are found throughout Thailand in Buddhist temple areas and other areas such as a back yard of your home where you and your family can relax. As such, our restaurant has a homely feel to it and very often you will see the chef engage with the customers also to make them feel welcome to her “Home”.


Our Address:

65 Winston Place, Green Point Main Road, Cape Town


-33.908878, 18.4112729


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