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All you need to know about rubble removal in Johannesburg
Rubble Removal Pros take pleasure in offering safe and affordable rubble removal while adhering to all safety procedures, we service Johannesburg and neighboring areas.
Getting rid of rubble from your home is not only challenging but can also be dangerous- removing larger items will require machinery which you may not have Call us today for a commitment free quote

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Waste management service in Johannesburg. Hire a rubble removal team that is experienced in the removal of all types of waste and rubble. Rubble Removal Pros will remove junk and general waste, building rubble, household junk, garden and tree refuse, tree removal as well as skip hire.

Advantages of going with Rubble Removal Pros

Rubble Removal Pros not only provide you with terrific service but we also have many benefits to offer:

1. Very same day, dependable service, no waiting period
2.100% FREE, no-obligation quotes for your rubble removal
3. No additional mess
4. Specialist, highly- skilled rubble removal team


Don’t let your waste and rubble accumulate and cause health problems– Get in touch with Rubble Removal Pros today!

Rubble Removal Pros Services

Here are some of the services we offer at Rubble Removal Pros Clearing away all rubble and waste from your house is our priority, with the exception of hazardous waste items. Included in these items are paints and solvents, pesticides, batteries, food waste and automotive waste.

General Waste

Do you stay in Johannesburg and need general waste eliminated from your property to restore its neat look? Contact Rubble Removal Pros to eliminate your waste and restore your home to its neat look once more.

Phone Rubble Removal Pros for a quote right away!

Removal of Building Rubble

Revamping your home is a job within itself, don’t let rubble removal cause more worry. Disposing of rubble the safe way is our concern at Rubble Removal Pros, we offer expert rubble removal services to all our clients. Whether it be concrete, sand, bricks, wood, metal or anything that is left behind at a building site, we will get rid of unwanted rubble and most other building materials in and outside building sites in Johannesburg.

Household Junk Removal

Household clutter can very rapidly pile up causing your property to look messy, this ends up being an even bigger problem when you must keep this garbage for weeks for the reason that your local municipality only makes a garbage collection trip once a week. Call Us Rubble Removal Pros today, we will take away your household dump in no time at all. We remove everything from chairs to geysers and all things in-between.

Removal of Garden and Tree refuse

Getting rid of garden refuse can be tiresome and dangerous, Rubble Removal Pros can remove it for you expertly in no time at all. Rubble Removal Pros will guarantee that any unwanted garden refuse like branches, leaves, waste and manure are cleared away leaving your property looking neat.

Tree and Branch Removal

It is unrealistic to think it is possible to do your garden without taking at least a couple of trips to your local dump to unload piles of garden refuse. Leave the large trees to the professionals, get in touch with us today! Our team will certainly remove the trees and branches for you. Should you require stump removal, cutting or trimming. Our teams are prepared to assist you.

Skip Rental unit

Has your waste accumulated so high that it’s excessive for your local municipality to pick up?

Hiring a skip from Rubble Removal Pros is simpler than you think, we drop it off and collect it once full. Get in touch with Rubble Removal Pros now! We will provide you with a free quote on a skip suitable to your needs.

Rubble Removal Pros Johannesburg Johannesburg

Getting rid of rubble in Johannesburg from an office, home or construction site is our speciality at Rubble Removal Pros. All you need to do is fill in the online form for a price estimate or alternatively call us to discuss your rubble removal needs.

Rubble removal costs

In order to estimate the cost of removing your rubble, we need to consider the amount of rubble and effort involved.

When you request a quote from us, it is important that you provide the following information:

1.The items that you need to be removed
2.The location of the removal site
3.The amount of rubble you need removed

The above three points affect the pricing of the project. The size of the items you need to be removed, your location and the amount of rubble will affect the time it will take to remove the waste.

Where do you Throw away the Rubble and Waste?

Rubble Removal Pros dispose of all rubble and waste properly at municipal dumping grounds. Rubble Removal Pros will by no means dispose of waste in residential areas or locations restricted for throwing away rubble and waste.

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What is considered to be rubble?
Virtually any products that are no good, such as damaged appliances, or waste piled up because of renovations, building projects or garden maintenance, to name a few.

The Size of Rubble we Remove
Our company work according to cubic meters per ton for waste for example, sand and bricks etc. There are 1.133 Cubic Meters in 1 ton depending on the kind of material.

Rubble Removal Pros also get rid of any amount or size of garden waste and household appliances and furniture.

Are your Rubble Removal Services only for Residential Properties?
Rubble Removal Pros offer their services to not only residential properties but also companies and construction sites.