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Getting worried about how your outdoor looks? You are at the right place because we are the reliable paving professionals of Boksburg. We are offering top-notch paving solutions to our clients based in Boksburg as well as other regions.
Whether you’re intending to sell your residence or wish to revamp the look of your property, rest assured that our team has all the workers, equipment and knowledge to do a thorough job. We have provided paving to various kinds of properties for instance, schools, markets, churches, hospitals, houses, shopping complex, and more. To learn more about how paving can spruce up your outdoor, call us today!

Paving Pros East Rand
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Our Services
You’ll be guided by a group of paving professionals and everything will be quickly started.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving
We can bring your pool and patio area to life with durable and premium paving. Do you need help in getting the pool and patio area of your dreams? We understand every paving skill that will make it possible.
You can rely on our experience in handling even the most difficult projects. Your satisfaction is our inspiration.

Driveway Paving
Does your driveway ruin the outer aesthetics of your home? If yes, then look no further than our personalized paving solutions. After the paving is installed successfully, you’ll be surprised how your outdoor is matching the inside of your home.

Entryway and Walkway Paving
Go for a new paving installation if you wish to re-create your entry. Forget what you see in magazines because now you can choose any paving shades or design to enhance your entry.
After looking at your space, we will help you choose what would work best. Paving executed by our professionals will revamp your space and keep it attractive for several years.

Commercial and Industrial Paving
The first look and feel of your space matters a lot. A perfect building where you’re operating your business can keep your clients coming back to your business. Yes, this is true that looks is also among the factors of a profitable business. If your industrial building looks attractive right from the main gate to the meeting room, be rest assured that it will seem professional.
We can solve your paving requirements under one roof. Whether you run a small depot, a shopping complex, a gas station, or whatever, we can pave your exterior.

Paving Cleaning
Paving service is tedious and you can not reach specialist outcomes on your own. Seeking professional-grade paving cleansing? Call us now!

Kinds of Paving blocks
We offer paving blocks for

Residential Driveways and Paving
Driveways give the first impression to anyone who heads to your home. If you have a relatively high budget then you can go for clay pavers otherwise, cobble or bevel edge pavers are best for your driveway. We will let you figure out which one you should opt for.

Flagstone Paving
Flagstone paving is best for your pool or patio spot. You can experiment with different shades and designs to spruce up the appeal of your pool or patio space.

Industrial Paving
If you need paving for your industrial outdoors, ensure it is SABS approved and sturdy enough to handle a massive load. These pavers go along with any variety of massive load building such as shopping malls, truck parking, and more. You can opt for various sizes, designs, and shades to experiment with these pavers.

Retaining walls and blocks
Retainer walls not only spruce up the look of the property but they are very useful as well. Soil can cause a challenge while constructing a site that’s why retaining walls or blocks are highly recommended.

Wall Cladding
Wall cladding involves the application of cast cladding pieces on the wall in various designs and sizes.


– Which is the most effective way to reach a paving expert?
Call us if you need an instant response or you can fill in the online form.
– I need paving routine maintenance solution, do you offer that?
Your paving may not require frequent routine maintenance as long as the external factors are not against it. If it is being used regularly then the paving can become stained. For these reasons, we offer comprehensive routine maintenance solutions to keep your property looking presentable throughout.
– Why are we the best fit to install your paving?
Want to know what are the key points that make us ahead of the game?
We have many years of expertise
Our professionals are skilled and have access to modern paving tools
Our solutions cost less
Our supplies and raw materials come right from the manufacturers
We give you a 100% client satisfaction guarantee

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