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Want your outdoor area to look as appealing as your indoors? We are here to do it for you. For years now we have offered the highest quality residential and commercial paving services to consumers in Durban and its neighboring areas.
Whether you’re intending to sell your house or wish to spruce up the look of your residential or commercial property, rest assured that our team has all the employees, tools and experience to do a thorough job. We have vast areas of expertise in providing paving services including houses, shopping areas, schools, churches, hospitals, and more. Call us today to discover how paving can be the best option to enhance your outdoor area.

Paving Pros Durban
Address: 3 Abrey Rd, Durban, 3640
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Paving contractor in Durban. Looking to transform your outdoor area? Paving Pros provides the highest quality residential and commercial paving services: Patio, Paving and Pool Area Paving, Driveway Paving, Entrance and, Walkway Paving, Commercial and Industrial Paving and Paving Cleaning.

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Our Services
When you’ll reach us for a paving project, our team will take on it wholeheartedly.

Patio Paving and Pool Area Paving
We have a professional, highly skilled team of paving specialists who can easily bring your vision to life. Want to completely restore your pool or patio area? We can transform it to the exact level that you wish for.
We can help transform any area into something that looks perfect. From beginning to end, you’ll have the best time consulting with us.

Driveway Paving
Does your driveway make your home ugly? If the answer to this concern is yes, then let us provide you with customized paving services. When paving is done on your driveway, you’ll instantly notice that both your interior and exterior looks identically attractive.

Entry and Walkway Paving
Paving can improve the entryway or walkway to a huge amount. With a near endless list of colourful, beautiful designs to choose from, yours will be the entryway that beats everything you see in the magazines.
We can guide you in the best direction after looking at your outdoor space. Paving executed by our experts will transform your space and keep it wonderful for several years.

Commercial and Industrial Paving
First impressions can tell a lot about your residential or commercial property. Owning an industrial property that looks well-built is winning half battle. Everything depends on the looks. A decent and well-structured business building influences others in a positive way.
We provide paving services for every sort of commercial building. Whether your business is a small shop or a huge shopping mall, we got you covered.

Paving Cleaning
Paving can be cleansed by specific equipment therefore, you need to contact a professional for this. Call our paving specialists that can make your paving look as clean as new.


Varieties of Paving blocks
We offer and mount a wide range of various paving blocks

Residential Driveways and Paving
Driveways create the first impression of your house. If you have a slightly high budget then you can go for clay pavers otherwise, cobble or bevel edge pavers are perfect for your driveway. If you need any help in choosing the pavers, call us.

Flagstone Paving
This one is best for your pool and patio. You can experiment with various shades and designs to improve the aesthetics of your pool or patio space.

Commercial Paving
Commercial pavers should be robust enough to handle the heavy load along with SABS approval. Such pavers can withstand heavy loads in shopping malls, parking spaces and truck stops. It doesn’t mean you can not experiment with the design and colour of these pavers that’s why we offer multiple shades, shapes, and designs.

Retaining walls and blocks
Retainer walls are necessary to make your building look good and also have other uses. Soil can cause a problem in building sites, that’s where the retainer wall or blocks are available in.

Wall Cladding
Wall cladding enhances the way your home looks through cast cladding installed on your walls.


– How can I get a price estimate from a paving contractor?
The quickest and most effective method of connecting to paving experts in Durban is through the contact form/platform on our website. Otherwise, feel free to call anytime.
– Does your team offer paving routine maintenance services?
Paving can withstand several years but it may require routine maintenance if external factors, for instance, the weather is affecting it. When used regularly, paving may also require cleansing. This is why you need our paving routine maintenance services to keep your residential or commercial property as beautiful as ever.
– Why should you pick us?
Still don’t know what sets us apart?
Our experts are experienced
We have the required tools and a team of skilled pavers to work on each project
We charge less when compared to others
We use raw materials that are directly sourced from manufacturers
Our services cover 100% satisfaction guarantee

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When it comes to paving there shouldn’t be room for compromise. We are here to fill the gap. For a free paving price quote in your city, call us!