Mumbai Cafe is a culinary delight for any guest. As there are myriad of cuisines in India, similarly Mumbai Cafe has a delightful variety of food. Some of the recipes have originated in Mumbai itself like pav bhaji, vada pav, ragda pattice, bhel puri, sev puri, various veg pakoras, mumbai toast sandwich etc.
The Cafe has a roadside fast food consisting of Vada pavs, Panipuri, Bhelpuri, etc. South Indian and Chinese food is also popular in the Cafe. Other than Chinese and South Indian cuisines, Mughalai, Punjabi and Continental are also popular.

Mumbai Café being in the heart of Rylands has a large no of migrant population. Of the migrating families a large no of Husband and Wives are working with no other family support, hence ordering food from close by restaurants or calling for pre-packaged meal (dabba as called locally) is an accepted thing.

One of the best things of Mumbai Cafe is the variety of vegetarian fare. You could have a starter like the ‘bhel’ (a mixture of puffed rice, vegetables and sweet and pungent sauces) or a ‘sev puri’ (small fried crackers with vegetable toppings and sweet and pungent sauces) or a ‘Chinese bhel’ (noodles with vegetables and a variety of sauces). You could then move on to heavier fare like ‘dosas’ (pancakes made of rice and a variety of lentils) plain or with a variety of ‘chutneys’ (sauces) topped with a lot of vegetables, ‘pav bhaji’ (buns with a plate of steaming mashed vegetables topped with butter) or ‘ragda pattice’ (potato patty with cooked grams). After all this one could end the meal with some yummy desserts like the ‘kulfi’, ice-cream, ‘jalebis’ (fried gram and flour paste dipped in sugar syrup), ‘faloodas’ (ice milk made up with rose syrup, vermicelli and noodles served with a scope of vanilla ice cream) and the unique ‘Natural Ice Cream’ (hand made with no preservatives or chemical taste of real fruit). Of course you could also indulge in fruit salads or just any fruit available all through the year.

For the non-vegetarians, is the place to go to for yummy ‘kebabs’ (skewered meat), tandoori chicken (leg & thigh or boneless) and nevertheless the special lamb rogan josh curry served with roti or rice along with other delicious food.
Mumbai Cafe satisfies both needs equally well – the hunger of the stomach and the satisfaction of the tongue.


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