Spare us a moment of your time if you please to ask of you a question or two.

Do you feel like a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and escape the network of an ill-begotten world with silly laws and immoral kings? Do you need to put your feet up and to hear the birds outside your window, crickets at night, a crackling fire peradventure sipping a quality red wine from the Heart of the Wine Lands or how about a peaceful stream to sing you a lullaby as you put spine to feather …

Perhaps you wish to visit a place nestled among the trees in some idyllic town with spectacular views and that you have never heard the name of but you see it sometimes in your dreams.

Legend has it that when winter comes without a star only a special fireplace can truly deal with the bone chilling cold and what if it is not east of the sun and west of the moon, would consider going there.

Ever wanted to experience a truly peaceful valley rich culture, steeped in tradition and which prides itself on a legacy?

A legacy that dates back to a more innocent time than our own where the streets are narrow and once was cobbled stone.

Have you ever allowed for unpretentious beauty to move you, or to let simplistic splendor engulf you or did you ever simply surrender so the ambience of a can truly overwhelm you. Would you like to stand with yours arms akimbo when September heralds to return of Spring and with childlike anticipation watch as a valley in full bloom from orchard to wild flower from Daisy to Dahlia and all Flora in between simply let it move you.

Even still perhaps you just simply love to get in touch with your own soul for a while or moment or longer so no single stimulus can escape through the dragnet of your senses … your choice. But if you answered YES to any of the above then please do yourself a favor and consider a visit and allow us to become part of your memories and just imagine for a moment telling your grandchildren a story starting thus.

You know once I spend an unforgettable time in village called Pniel at a Bed & Breakfast called Lumley’s Place.

Lumley’s Place is a family operated Bed & Breakfast and it is the brain child of a dynamic husband and wife team namely Peter and Benita Cyster.

Both of them are born and bred in the town of Pniel and they both share a passion for the rich history, the friendly people and beauty and peaceful surroundings which makes one feel that for a moment you stepped into forgotten and bygone era.

The name Pniel comes from The Bible, taken from Genesis 32, 30 although the name is documented as Peniel “The Face of God” and it speaks of Jacob’s encounter with the angel. People here believe that to live in Pniel is like to see The Face of God every day. The rich history of the town dates back to 1843 which saw the birth of this community at the foot of Simonsberg.

The Cysters’ and their love for people and indeed socializing, culinary cuisine, good wine and their pride in their valley were instrumental in their decision to build Lumley’s Place. It was furthermore part of their personal quest to leave a legacy by exposing others to one of the most beautiful mission communities in the world. Benita has some handy experience which stems down from generations of the family’s passion for cooking for their big families.

One can however not talk about Lumley’s Place without talking about Lumley’s Farm and that part of the farm Lumley’s (Johannes Dal) plots were bought by The Lodge called P.O.S.V (Pniel Onderlinge Samewerking Vereeniging). It is on one such plot that this architectural masterpiece that would have put a smile on the face of Frank Lloyd Wright was erected.

Much care was taken by the Cysters in utilizing the elevation and to create and design a structure that is not only beautiful to photograph from all angles inside or out, but also something that leaves a memorable impression on those who come through its doors as guests and visitors. This care can be seen in every bit of detail from the liberal use of glass to utilize natural light during the day and create a most spectacular effect at night to the color of the building which compliments rather than shouts. Consider for a moment interior design and decorations with its sleepers on the staircase and its pioneer styled fireplaces to its ultra modern banisters and plush duvets and textured paints with every room having a unique identity.

In short, no expense was spared to provide guests with private exclusivity and only the ultimate in absolute comfort