18 years on and so much has changed yet so much has remained the same at La Cuccina, our Hout Bay Restaurant. Simply put, we are very serious about making people happy through our food. Whether you’re in our restaurant, or ordering our ready meals on-line for home, you’ll find the food we create is “real and comforting”. We use great ingredients, creating simple, layered in flavour food, that speaks to the heart. We strive to serve food to be savoured and enjoyed while perhaps bringing back memories of good home cooking.

We’re particularly proud to be working with so many small, local, artisan food producers who are behind much of what we sell through our restaurant. From our local bee keepers and meat curers to cheese makers and our free range chicken and egg farmer who supplies us exclusively. There is just so much energy and passion going into the making of some first-class ingredients, and supporting local is a part of who we are and what we do.

We know how unusual it is, in our time, to find food that is closer to the source, uncomplicated, unspoilt and emanating from genuine instincts. This idea of simplicity is one of our basic principles. Along with a sense of generosity and trust, passion and a love for what we do, it is what drives us to please our guests each and every time they visit La Cuccina or buy our ready meals for their homes.

We make a conscious effort to renew and re-craft as well as maintain our consistency. We always aim to deliver food that looks good with exceptional flavours and present and serve our food impeccably, creatively and with integrity.

Our cupboard is wide, our buffets and meals ever-changing, but our ethos of simple, wholesome, delicious and unpretentious, flavour filled food, remains the core from which all our creativity flows.


Our Address:

Victoria Mall, Corner of Victoria and Empire roads, Hout Bay


-34.030695222573, 18.351299941803


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