The resort is conveniently situated in the Northern part of the Free State, nestled in an indigenous bush (bushveld atmosphere) setting, surrounded by an abundance of grassland dense acacia thickets and aloe’s.

INDUNDUMA RESORT (holiday accommodation i.e. selfcatering chalets, camping sites (tents and caravans), permanent caravans/B&B/guesthouse/lodge/sleepover/) is the ideal place to free body and soul of the many tresses acquired from modern city living with its farm style holiday atmosphere.

Only 2 hours drive from O.R. Thambo Airport – less than 1 hours drive from Sasolburg/Vanderbiljpark & Vereeniging & 30 mn drive from Kroonstad/Parys/Vredefort Dome/Heilbron – and a stones throw away from Koppies Dam and Nature Reserve.  The Rhinoceros River runs through the grounds of Indunduma Resort. 

The town Heilbron  (37 km from Indunduma Resort) is rich in its history regarding the Anglo Boer War and that includes Koppies (Indunduma’s closest town) with is undetected riches regarding the first inhabitants i.e. the Khoisan and Basutu, the coming of the first white people to the district, and the Anglo Boer War that followed in the late eighteen hundreds and ended in the early nineteen hundreds, the restoring of the districts people after the war, the building of the dam and the recreation of the War Survivors in the Koppies Settement.

The Vredefort Dome and Parys is also plus minus 37-40 km from Koppies, and a must to go and visit.  With lovely Coffee Shops, Antique Shops, and many more.

The Resort offers conference facilities including a wedding venue with its own “Stone Art Chapel”.  Ideal for school groups/church groups/teambuilding camps.  Bring your Quad Bike along and drive through the settlement valley. (No bikes allowed on dam/nature reserve ground).

Last but not least : The Koppies Dam lies 500m from Indunduma’s doorstep (unfortunately you will have to leave our premises and 500 meter later enter the Dam’s premises by car) where you can go wild with Jet Skiing, boating, fishing (fresh water bank angling competitions), game watching and even bird watching, filled with beautifull butterflies, plant species, mammals of all sort, etc. The entrance to the Nature & Game Reserve is though +- 2 km from our entrance.  We are caught on the outskirts of the dam but inbetween the two entrances, to the Dam and Nature Reserve.

Being the only Resort as neighbour and closest to the Dam/Nature Reserve, we offer luxury fully equipped selfcatering Chalets and permanent equipped caravans, PLUS tent/caravan stands with beautifull clean ablutions facilities and electricity at very low prices.  Each shower has its own entrance from outside and gives you privacy and the comfort you need.

The area surrounding the dam including Indunduma’s grounds, is ideal for those birdwatch lovers, easy to view different species in a 24-hour cycle.  It is noted that is this area there are 350 different species of birds.  Bird Watchers dream. Some guests detected 60 different bird species in one weekend.  We invite all bird watchers to come and stay in the comfort of our chalets, caravan park (caravaning/camping) and watch those seldom seen birds.

Indunduma Resort has its own visitors (wildlife/game): i.e. Barn Owls, Springhare (Pedetus capensis), porcupines (Hystriafricaeaustralis), and small game like the “Duikertjie” and in the bushes close to the river area, the Vervet Monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops).

Often Mother Hippo and little baby come to visit the dam.  Her path is through the river on our grounds.

Indunduma Resort brings the comfort of the city, but the peacefulness of a farm style living – in the bushes, far from the city’s noise.  It offers rest and peace of mind.  The open sky at night.  Stars that wink with warm summers and offer you the opportunity to snooze in the cold winters.  It is a place for family and friends “come together nights”. 

The wedding venue offers bindings of happily ever after which take place in the “Stone Art Chapel”. 

This is a place where time stand still.  Where you can relax and get perspective back in live.

Indunduma Resort is still in the development stage.  A dream come true for Hennie & Ida van Vuuren.  We do farming as well, with cattle, lucern, goose, chickens and a few sheep.  The cock-crowing will wake you up in the morning.

This holiday resort / wedding venue / camping facilities for tents & caravans & motorhomes, are ideal for sleepover between Cape Town and the Kruger Nationalpark.  Ideal for team building events, bikers are also welcome. A dream place for Astronomers, the skies are clear, the stars are bright, the milkyway is beautifull.  The planet are drifting around in the atmosphere.  Nowhere in this world will you be able to see the stars shining as at Indunduma Resort.  We invite all astronomers to bring their telescope and spend nights watching the stars and planets.

For our motor bike friends –  this is ideal for that private breakaway weekend for your group only.

Brides and grooms find this also the ideal place to get married – our prices are competible.  We can beat almost every venue out there.

When our dream has been fulfilled, we will be able to offer 10 luxury chalets, 10 fully equipped permanent caravans, a second block ablution facilities, 4 -5 swimming pools, Putt-Putt, etc.

Currently we offer only 2 fully luxury equipped selfcatering chalets, 2 fully equipped selfcatering permanent caravans, tent and caravan stands and and 6 rooms,  4 sleeps 2 people with single beds, and 2 sleeps 2 people with double bed (for sleepover visitors)- 1 pool with small playground for children.  (A total of 30 people excluding those who bring their own tents and caravans – we can accommodate +- 20 – 30 tent and caravan stands)

Children are welcome to go and see our cattle and sheep.


Our Address:

Koppies Road towards Koppies Dam, District of Koppies, Koppies, Free State


-27.256706811346877, 27.6603862600266


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