Having trained as accounting professionals in the Sleepy Hollow of Pietermaritzburg, we became familiar with how things have always been done in the world of small and medium sized accounting firms. Think several months after financial year-end, you place an urgent request for financial statements required by the bank, a junior member of staff whom you’ve never met suddenly starts asking you for outstanding information. After a frantic rush to meet the deadline, your accountant only chats to you for about 10 minutes whilst signing off your financials and the next time you see or hear from them is another year down the line.

After all is said and done, you get a rather hefty and vaguely worded bill leaving you wondering where all the time was spent. You’ve used your accountant for several years and based on previous experience you accept that accounting services are somewhat of a grudge purchase. We’ve realised that this scenario, and a host of other inefficiencies, were ultimately affecting the people that make our industry – the clients, aka you!

By employing people aligned to our vision, harnessing our passion for building client relationships and changing the way we engage with you in order to better understand your needs, we have been able to bring you Dümmer and Neal Accountants, a firm of young accounting vanguards in Pietermaritzburg.

This business is our labour of love, copious amounts of coffee have been brewed during the late night and early morning number crunching on our journey to get here. We’ve learnt countless lessons along the way but most importantly we’ve kept our love for the numbers. Accounting is one of the cornerstones of any business and by enabling us to help you master your numbers we’ll show you that accounting is ultimately – fun!

We’re excited that you’ve taken the time to learn about who we are and we look forward to walking this path of innovation with you.


Our Address:

1 George MacFarlane Lane, Pietermaritzburg


-29.592824164024652, 30.363384224606307


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