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CCTV video cameras are a visible preventive against crime on your premises and provide another layer of security.

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By knowing what is taking place on your property, you can prevent most criminal incidents. CCTV camera systems allow you to keep an eye on activity on your home or business premises wherever you are.
With very clear imaging in high resolution, you stay one step ahead prospective criminals.
CCTV camera system Installers Pretoria
CCTV installers give a variety of camera system options:

– High-level access environments
– Homes
– Office spaces
– Retail industry sites
– Site jobs
– Warehouses


You can choose to obtain a quote on buying or hiring a CCTV system.

Hiring CCTV equipment is effortless and you simply pay a monthly fee.
Why install CCTV security cameras for your office or home?
Crime in South Africa is a hassle for everyone, having CCTV security cameras on your property will give you an extra layer of security. CCTV cameras offer an excellent preventive to possible criminals getting into your office or home.

CCTV security cameras not only make clients feel secure in your building but also encourage workers to work efficiently all while securing your property as well.

When criminals know that they are on camera, they will choose to go somewhere else to carry out their crime.

Security camera types(360, HD, Night Vision)
Excellent quality equipment will guarantee an effective CCTV security system. Your security cameras should be chosen with your security needs in mind.

HD(High Definition) cameras
HD (high definition) CCTV cameras offer owners with very clear image resolution, making it a breeze to quickly pinpoint uncommon activities and pinpoint possible suspects. Because of its very clear images, HD CCTV cameras make it straightforward for criminal investigators to determine numbers and small details.

60 Degree cameras
{60 degree cameras can detect activity in an area up to 4 metres and are ideal for smaller spaces, like courtyards.|60 degree cameras are preferred for smaller spaces, they are able to detect activity in an area of up to 4 metres.|Have a little area which needs to be kept an eye on? The 60 degree camera is the camera for you, it has the ability to detect activity in an area of up to 4 metres and is best for smaller areas.|Smaller areas only need a little camera like the 60 degree camera which can recognize activity in an area of 4 metres.|Looking to oversee a store room or smaller area? The 60 degree camera has the ability to recognize movement in an area up to 4 metres and is ideal for securing a little area.

Analogue video cameras
Need a basic CCTV camera unit able to oversee your home or business? The Analogue unit is very good. The reduced resolution images do not make it possible for you to pick up smaller details but you can pick up general activity.

360 Degree CCTV cameras
Rain or shine the 360 degree camera will give you excellent quality images. You get a 360 degree view of the area and everything around the camera is recorded.

Night vision cameras
Criminals often strike at night and you need to be able to have a look at your CCTV cameras regardless how dark, with the Night Vision camera you can view crystal clear images irrespective of the time.

Wireless vs Wired Options
Before choosing your CCTV unit, you need to think about whether you want a wireless or wired unit.
Both wired and wireless systems come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks, this decision will have to be made with your security needs in mind.

Wired CCTV Systems
Wired systems are often used on larger properties and require cables to operate, the cables will be used for the video transmission, power and internet connection.

Benefits and drawbacks to Wired CCTV systems

– Installation time may possibly be time-consuming
– Affected by power failures
– Reliable
– Appropriate to large properties requiring a lot of cameras
– Able to link a lot of cameras whenever required
– Does not have flexibility


Wireless Options
Wireless CCTV cameras do not have any cable connections, they work through a wireless system, transmitting security footage which is saved on the cloud. The wireless CCTV option works by connecting to your WiFi network, but will still need to be connected to a power source.

Benefits and drawbacks to Wireless CCTV Cameras

– Installation time is fast
– Extremely flexible and ideal for renters
– Affected by interference, giving blurred images
– Needs a solid wireless signal
– Like wired systems, they’re affected by power failures
– Work only on a small area


CCTV Unit Set Up Process
Overview of the CCTV installation process:

Evaluation and estimate

Your local CCTV security camera company will visit your premises and evaluate your space. The security camera expert will provide you a recommendation on the most ideal system for you and the required space. You will receive an obligation- free price quote to look over, when you approve the price quote and provide the okay, work will commence.

Mounting CCTV camera systems
The main spots will be determined by the CCTV specialist and thereafter cameras will be mounted.

Wire and cable installation
The placement and attaching of the wires and cables will occur once the cameras have been positioned.

Connection and test of the CCTV unit
Your CCTV contractor will now link all the parts and test to guarantee that everything works.

Last handover
And for the very last part of the installation the specialist will clarify to you how your CCTV unit works and exactly how to use it. Once you have signed off the installation, the last handover is complete

Leading CCTV camera brand names in South Africa
The following are the top-notch CCTV brand names in South Africa:

– Avigilon
– Hikvision
– Axis
– Samsung
– Sunell
– Dahua

Selecting the best CCTV cameras for your security needs

A CCTV camera unit for a residential property will need to include some thought on precisely where the cameras will be positioned. An Analogue camera will operate best for monitoring your gate or driveway.

Need a camera to keep an eye on your gate and driveway but don’t have a big budget?The Analogue camera is best.
Looking to keep an eye on a small-sized space? The 60 degree camera is most ideal for you.
The 360 degree camera is most ideal if you are looking to view a full area because with this camera you are able to view to the left and right as well.

CCTV Camera Systems for Industrial Properties

When it comes to CCTV systems for commercial properties, they are typically a lot more complex. Industrial CCTV camera system systems are very good for determining smaller details and facial features, an HD camera system would be best.
You may also need a camera system that provides very clear images at night, in which case a night vision camera system is most suitable.

Selecting a CCTV Company

Deciding on the best provider is a vital step in getting the correct CCTV for you but before anything else you will need to decide whether you want to buy or rent a camera unit. Some business give you the choice of buying or hiring a CCTV unit, others don’t have both options available.
A warranty and after sales service is not offered by all business, so if this is important to you make sure your selected provider provides these.

Have a thorough look at what is provided in your CCTV camera unit installation, do they include uninterrupted power supplies, cables and connectors?
The CCTV provider you decide on will be able to give you good advice according to your specific security system needs, also taking the layout of your premises into account.
And lastly you should feel comfortable with the CCTV provider you have chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install my own CCTV security camera unit?

Experts are trained and experienced, they would set up the CCTV unit a lot quicker than you would manage to. Linking the cables as well as the mounting of the cameras can be challenging when doing it yourself.

Additionally, you may not know the best locations to position the cameras and this could mean that your cameras do not pick up the whole area. Employ a professional CCTV company and have your installation completed in just 1 day at a budget-friendly price.

Q – How much does it cost for a CCTV security unit?
A – Depending on the kind of unit you go with and whether you rent or buy, the price can differ.

Q – Do CCTV cameras stop crime?

A – CCTV camera systems add another level of security onto your residence. Criminals are frightened by the cameras as they would prefer to commit a crime on a property without CCTV cameras watching them. CCTV cameras are an ideal additional level to help team members, guests and loved ones feel safe and secure in your home.

Q – Do I need a CCTV unit in my office if I already have very good security?

A – It is unattainable for you or your security guards to be all over at all times. Your CCTV unit will supervise your premises constantly without break. CCTV cameras will ensure that your team members are on their absolute best behaviour.

Q – The time it takes to install a CCTV camera security unit.
A – Depending on the dimension of your premises, the installation process normally takes only a few hours. So, you could have a running CCTV unit within a day!

Q- Will a CCTV camera unit add value to my home?
A – CCTV camera systems add value to any home, they make loved ones feel safe and secure.


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