Owned and run by German chef Harald Bresselschmidt, Aubergine is a sophisticated, romantic restaurant in Cape Town which combines a rich history with contemporary style, innovative food and classic service – whether you’re joining us for lunch or dinner.

Harald Bresselschmidt grew up on a dairy farm in the pristine Eifel Region of Germany, which instilled in him a love of the land and an appreciation for fresh produce. He started training as a chef in 1980, working in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and London, before doing his Masters in Gastronomy and Cooking. He moved to South Africa in 1992, as Head chef for the Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl before completing a series of stages at Michelin-starred restaurants in France. In 1996, he opened Aubergine – and has been offering innovative food experiences ever since.

The Aubergine chef team is made up of talented South Africans, many of whom were promising students at establishments like Infinity Culinary Training and Sense of Taste. Harald has trained his team in the art of fine dining by sharing his extensive experience to create opportunities for previously disadvantaged youngsters.

Our Front of House team are all longstanding members of the Aubergine family: we look forward to welcoming back our regulars and making new visitors feel at home. We pride ourselves on friendly and efficient, but unobtrusive service. Over the years we’ve invested in our team through ongoing in-house training. Our sommeliers continually strive to hone their craft through formal study, regular tasting experiences and visits to wine makers. Through the tireless work of organisations such as The Sommeliers’ Association of South Africa (SASA), great strides have been made in growing the sommelier profession in South Africa in recent years.

he Aubergine Restaurant is housed in the historic 1830 former home of the first Chief Justice of the Cape, Sir John Wylde, in the Gardens area of Cape Town. It has been refurbished to combine a rich history with contemporary style with good acoustics.

The elegant ambience of our romantic restaurant features beautiful yellowwood tables, original wooden sash windows and Knysna Blackwood floors. Our classic approach to service is friendly, professional but unobtrusive. During the summer months, guests enjoy al fresco lunches on our lush terrace and magical dinners under the African stars. In winter, a quaint fireplace ensures a cosy atmosphere.

Our goal has been to create a culinary haven in the heart of Cape Town, a place that discerning locals and international visitors can return to for a unique, sensory dining experience. The chef’s team uses fundamental cooking techniques combined with an obsession for balance, together with the imagination and artistry inspired by Harald’s creativity.

We serve timeless dishes, with Eastern and Western influences that take cognisance of seasonal flavours and local ingredients. Light, balanced food that excites your senses, piques your curiosity, makes you sigh with delight, and leaves you satisfied and energised.

Aubergine has always sourced fresh produce directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring the origin of the ingredients as well as the integrity with which they are produced. We strive to adhere to sustainable seafood practices where possible and use free-range meat and produce sourced from two organic vegetable gardens in Stellenbosch.


Our Address:

39 Barnet Street, Gardens, Cape Town


-33.932165577985, 18.41617672209