Bookkeeping and related Transactions

What does bookkeeping and related Transaction accounting entails?

This summary focuses on complete accounting for business transactions. This covers the entire business cycles from customers to suppliers, bank statements and other related accounting transactions.

Our Bookkeeping Approach is diagrammatically indicated as follows:

Bookkeeping Transactions Invoices

Please do contact us to unpack our approach. This will ensure that we align what we do to your requirements.

Our Deliverable to you involves:

  • Providing you with double entry accounting;
  • Doing accruals for accounting for transactions. This is complements the recording of bank transactions;
  • Recording all source document to ledger accounts; and
  • Allocating all appropriate Journals.

And what do we need from you?

  • Your transactional accounting system, including your processes and volume of transactions;
  • An understanding of your finance structure. This includes responsibilities for functions;
  • Looking through the nature of source documents you use.

What we offer you here is part of our Foundation Accounting Offering. We aim to help you with tailored End to End Accounting Solution for your business.

Bookkeeping Transactions Package

Our Foundation Accounting  Offering promise statement is:
To provide accountability and risk management. This is through dedicated and skilled staff. We do this using appropriate bookkeeping systems and best practice processes.

Other Services 

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Why do small businesses need bookkeeping?

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